Grade Checks

Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) requires a passing grade (60% or higher) in all classes in order for a student-athlete to participate in competitions (games or races). Grade checks are done weekly, usually on a Monday. Any two weekly grade checks in a row that identify a failing grade in any class(es) makes that student ineligible for competition until the next grade check brings a student into compliance. Grade checks do not make a student ineligible for practices.

A couple examples for our bike team are below:

  1. If a grade check identifies a failing grade in Science this week but last week’s grade checks were all passing, that student is put on “probation” but is still eligible to race that coming weekend. That student and their parents should closely monitor the grades to avoid a subsequent grade check problem for next week.
  2. If a grade check from last week identified a failing grade in Math (probation) and then that grade is brought up but this week’s check identifies a failing grade in English, that student is now marked “ineligible” and is unable to race that coming weekend due to two grade check failures in a row. That student will be unable to race until a subsequent grade check confirms a passing grade in all classes.

Students and parents should closely monitor grades on a regular basis in Power School to avoid any surprises. Grade checks are a mandatory PUSD policy and each student-athlete agreed to this policy when registering for the school team. Any questions/concerns can be directed to the Mile High Middle School office.