Generous community donations have already helped us achieve the following for our inaugural season:

  • 30 middle school students registered with the team in grades 6 through 8 from PUSD or homeschool alongside 15 volunteer coaches
  • MTB 101, MTB 201, and MTB 301 skills clinics for student-athletes and coaches
  • Bike repair, maintenance, and fit clinics
  • Hundreds of volunteer hours logged at trail maintenance days, race setup and course marshaling, etc to give back to the local cycling community that supports us
  • Paid the race entry fee ($100 value per person) for 28 student-athletes
  • Countless personal goals achieved, ranging from 11 individual race podiums to top 10 placements for first-year riders to skills progression and simply having more fun on a bike
  • Girls Riding Trails (GRiT) program featuring 9 female students, 6 female coaches, and 6 female special guests including Olympian Chloe Woodruff
  • Provided eight loaner bikes to student-athletes without their own equipment
  • Team tent for competitive races complete with bike repair station, seating and tables, bike stands, shade canopies, and team-branded banners
  • 4×6 cargo trailer for transporting gear to each races

See @milehighcycling on Facebook or Instagram for photos and videos of these and many more events!

Future Goals

You can still help us get even more kids on bikes in the great outdoors, including:

  • $2,000: Girls Riding Trails (GRiT) program enhancements, like loaner bikes and helmets for new females wanting to give biking a try
  • $6,000: add four additional loaner bikes to the existing fleet of eight
  • $400: upgraded weights for holding down shade canopies at races
  • $1,200: annual maintenance on our fleet of loaner bikes
  • $400: misc (tubes, sealant, financial scholarships for students in-need)
  • $10,000 TOTAL

If just 25 Arizona families direct the maximum $400 per couple/family tax credit to the Mile High Biking Activities fund instead of to the Arizona Department of Revenue for taxes, we will meet this goal and you won’t even have to spend any money (tax credit donation refunded on your state income tax)!

You can DONATE ONLINE. Please just make sure to select “Mile High Middle School” and “Mountain Bike Activities!”