Mile High Invitational

The Mile High Invitational is an invitation for all ACA registered, Prescott-area middle school riders to come experience the fun and excitement of the upcoming interscholastic racing format. This is a great opportunity for students who have not yet made up their minds about racing to give the format a try in a relaxing and low-pressure environment. Parents, siblings, and friends are also invited to come cheer everyone on, just as we do at the official races (don’t forget those cowbells).


Date: Monday, August 21st

  • 4:45pm Coach’s meeting at Scott’s silver F-150 truck in gravel parking lot south of Kuebler Field
  • 5:00pm Student-athlete check-in at gravel parking lot south of Kuebler Field to receive/attach numbered plate and obtain leg marking before heading to the coach’s bike game Olympics
  • 5:00pm coach’s bike game Olympics (see below description)
  • 5:30pm Report to staging area with plates attached
  • 5:40pm Shotgun start
  • 6:00pm Last two laps called, then head to finisher’s podium for photo and return your numbered plate
  • 6:15pm Awards ceremony to recognize highest lap counts and each rider’s accomplishments to date at mid-season

Don’t forget to return your numbered plate before leaving (will be reused in subsequent years).


Students/Parents – please park in the paved lot east of Commerce Drive and walk/bike over to the gravel lot south of Kuebler Field so that we can keep the later open for registration, bike game Olympics, staging/finish, and the awards ceremony.

Coaches – please park on the far east side of the gravel lot south of Kuebler Field so that we may use your headlights for the awards ceremony.

Coach’s Bike Game Olympics

We’re turning the tables and letting the students setup whatever games they want for the coach’s to display their skills while everyone is getting checked in. We’ll have cones and other accessories for super fun games like:

  • Circle of Death
  • Ratchet Race
  • Rock Dodge
  • Wheel Lift Bean Bag Toss

Students/siblings/friends/parents are encouraged to bring water guns (and your own water) to add an extra bit of difficulty for the coaches 🙂

Course Overview

After a shotgun start, riders traverse down a wide blacktop road for 1/8 of a mile before the real adventure begins on the singletrack of Pioneer Park. The first segment on the Gunnery trail features a mild climb with lots of curves and a few pull-off/wider passing opportunities. An optional pickle and pickle juice station awaits riders at the top of this trail just before making a left turn to head down Roller Coaster and Speed Shoot, two appropriately named trails that are well appreciated by middle school riders for their fast flow. Finally, students ride by the spectator area near the tennis/pickle bar courts for parents, siblings, friends, and other coaches to cheer them on before logging an official lap and deciding whether to go back out for another or exit to the finish lane and enjoy more bike games in the parking lot.

Open Rideplan in Trailforks

Student Requirements

Each student must:

  1. Be a registered ACA rider under the direction of a coach present from their team
  2. Affix a number plate to their handlebars
  3. Obtain a leg marking on both legs

#2 and #3 are provided by Mile High Cycling at check-in. Please return plate before departing.

Additional Information

  • This is not a formal race or official event licensed through the city/county park but is an opportunity for multiple ACA teams to hold a joint practice that simulates the fun and excitement to be expected at upcoming ACA races. Per the above, each team’s coaches are solely responsible for their student-athletes.
  • Please adhere to all ACA and Pioneer Park rules.