Aug 22nd Short Track


MILE HIGH: Finish order is indicated by numbered list. Each group shows the time of day started and then each individual shows the time of day finished. Finish order and times were verified with a timestamped video camera placed at the finish line.

SKYVIEW: Please inquire with your coaches.

8th grade: 5:53pm start time, 5 laps for a total of 4.5 miles + 375 feet of climbing

  1. Ronin, 6:20:02pm finish, 27:02
  2. Gavin, 6:20:04pm finish, 27:04
  3. Ethan, 6:20:34pm finish: 27:34
  4. Logan, 6:21:54pm finish, 28:54
  5. Molly, 6:22:16pm finish, 29:16
  6. Wyatt, 6:23:23pm finish, 30:23
  7. Eli, 6:26:37pm finish, 33:37
  8. Alex, 6:27:59pm finish, 34:59

7th grade: 5:54pm start time, 3 laps for a total of 2.7 miles + 225 feet of climbing

  1. Owen, 6:12:30pm finish, 18:30
  2. Will, 6:13:25pm finish, 19:25
  3. Jakobi, 6:14:12pm finish, 20:12
  4. Brooke, 6:15:12pm finish, 21:12
  5. Bridget, 6:16:00pm finish, 22:00
  6. Jillian, 6:16:02pm finish, 22:02
  7. Jack, 6:16:03pm finish, 22:03
  8. William, 6:17:01pm finish, 23:01
  9. Elizabeth, 6:17:26pm finish, 23:26
  10. Jeremy, 6:23:24pm finish, 29:24

6th grade: 5:56pm start time, 2 laps for a total of 1.8 miles + 150 feet of climbing

  1. Grace, 6:10:05pm finish, 14:05
  2. Chloe, 6:11:08pm finish, 15:08
  3. Tommy, 6:11:13pm finish, 15:13
  4. Colton, 6:13:16pm finish, 17:16
  5. Sam, 6:16:00pm finish, 20:00


Photos & Videos

Photos and videos taken by various riders and spectators are available for download.



What & Why: A fun short track to prepare our student-athletes and parents for the exciting race series that the ACA has planned for September and October. This is NOT an official league race, just a friendly introduction to the racing format, including meeting other local teams, getting comfortable with multiple teams on the course, practicing passing and being passed, and more.

Who: Hosted by Mile High Middle School Badgers with special guest team: Skyview. All other Prescott-area middle school ACA teams are also invited. If a student doesn’t want to ride, they are encouraged to come cheer on their teammates. Parents and friend are also invited to come cheer on the riders (bring your own cowbell)!

When: August 22nd with mandatory check-in at 5:30pm, starting waves begin at 6:00pm.


  1. Must be a registered ACA rider with a Prescott-area middle school team.
  2. Must wear team t-shirt or jersey.

Awards Ceremony: Each student-athlete will celebrate with a photo of them and their bike on the “Finisher’s Podium” before receiving an ice-cream sandwich.


  • 1-mile, 75-foot climb per lap short track located in Pioneer Park, just north of the baseball field. See Trailforks rideplan and/or map below.
  • Course/Lap Format
    • 8th graders start in the first wave with 5 laps for a total of 4.5 miles + 375 feet of climbing
    • 7th graders start in a second wave with 3 laps for a total of 2.7 miles + 225 feet of climbing
    • 6th graders start in a third wave with 2 laps for a total of 1.8 miles + 150 feet of climbing